Jenny Nordberg, stockholmmodern 20/1 2018 - 3/3 2018
Rödbotorget 2, Stockholm

FLUID ADD-ONS is Jenny Nordberg’s first solo exhibition in Stockholm. Together with stockholmmodern she is showing a new series of large mirrors, big candle holders in cast glass and a new experiment with pewter mirrors. Nordberg’s practice is deeply rooted in an exploratory relation to manufacturing processes with a specific interest for two parameters - the uncontrollable and the ultra standardised. These aspects might be seen as two opposites but are for Nordberg closely linked in the way that something or someone other than her is making decisions.
Jenny Nordberg (b. 1978) is an industrial designer MFA based in the southern part of Sweden, who works exploratory and interdisciplinary to expand the contemporary notion of design, and of the designer. The research and design studio of Jenny Nordberg mainly works with studio production, small series, limited editions and site or context specific commissions.

Square, 1500x1500 mm, in edition of 5

Circular, 1500 mm, in edition of 5

During the summer of 2014 while working with the project “3 to 5 Seconds – Rapid handmade production” Jenny Nordberg researched ancient mirror making. The process and outcome was captivating and Nordberg has since then worked with this old method of making mirrors. The process used has it’s origin in the 19th century and is resulting in a thin layer of silver (Ag) on the glass surface. Not covering the whole surface of the glass, each mirror becomes different due to uncontrollable liquids within the process of making.

Pewter mirrors, all unique, different sizes and forms.

Often working with the tension between the hand made and the machine made Nordberg wanted to explore if traditional foundry methods could be applied to a studio environment. Within the project “Studio adapted industrial processes” she then used the limitations of her studio as a framework to developed a method for casting metal objects. The Estrid mirrors are a part of this project and have some similarities with the other mirrors - both made by pouring a liquid metal solution onto a surface.

Candleholders #001 and #002 in edition of 20

Thermometer/clock in edition of 5

Nordberg’s fascination for the ultra standardised is materialised in the Brick series. Casted glass bricks with the exact measurements of old traditional bricks used all over Europe are composed into sculptural candle holders and other objects. The artefacts within the Brick series is hand casted in a small Italian glass foundry and assembled in Sweden.